Monday, September 14, 2009

What's goin' on....

Working on an intro to my latest 5/4 - 4/4 tune (no title as of yet). I finally finished the bastard last night (drum and keyboard tracks so far). It was one of those 5 day rehearsals (~ an hour a day) for just one 1 - minute intro. All piano (Kurzweil's PC1x' Grand Piano sample was the final selection), this time with some bizarre-ass background sound I also found on the PC1x, but this time off of the vintage chip. It is quite a menacing tone to say the least! I like to plop good tones/happy melodies with scary/combative underlying layers at times - creates tension. It makes you squirm for the duration - making your subconscious mind wriggle and pray for resolution! :~)

Once I snap this aforementioned juxtaposed set of melodies into the correct location on my Tascam I will have completed 3 new songs (keyboard tracks for the most part), and will move on to the Vdrums for all rhythm/beat tracks. The 5/4 tune was based off a beat, so, for the most part, this song is almost ready for phase 3: Vocals.

Yes, only 3 songs for the 2010 EP. I could blame it on the economy, so I will. The economy is just preventing me from creating another full -length (would have written 6 new songs to add to the 5 - song EP "Feel No Evil" I released back in April 2009. But no!! Economy issues! Enough said.

At this point in time I am not certain who will be accompanying me to the studio and what studio this will be recorded in as, again - the economy is predicting my fate at this point in time.

My wonderfully talented wife and I are off to Yellowstone, WY soon (road trip!!) and we just can't wait!!! I will post from the road complete with possible photos and places to see.

More to come in the weeks, months, years, decades and cent.. (ahem - yeah right), to come! Stay tuned and remember to never give up on your dream(s)!

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