Sunday, August 1, 2010

New 3 - song EP to be released in December!

On Sunday, August 22nd I will once again be hauling my acoustic Ludwig drumset up 3 flights of stairs (StudioBallistico is one stop short of the stratosphere), to begin my next creative adventure! This will be the day I record the drum tracks, vocals and some other things I can't mention (surprise) for my next 3 - song EP. No title for the EP just yet, however, "Absent Today" will definitely be one of the three songs. The following week will include visits from Erik Swanson (bass), Dave Bowers (guitar) and Tim Sandusky (co-producer, sound engineer and musician). "Absent Today" should be complete by the end of August. I am planning song 2 (completed on keyboard and drums on my home digital recorder) to be recorded at Studio Ballistico in October and song 3 in November. Please visit Posterous, or Blogger for all the latest regarding the upcoming release!


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