Thursday, August 30, 2012

And away we go!

Hi everyone! :)


My Kickstarter campaign is up and running! It certainly was and continues to be a labor of love! The video alone took several months to create. To create the video, I first had to learn Premiere (video editing application) and, from there, piece it all together. A learning curve to say the least! Please help spread the word! ( )


The theme of this album is the conscious awakening of humanity. It's about being broken inside and out, getting to a point where suffering is no longer an option, and realizing the only choice is waking up and evolving out of unconsciousness. This is something I hold very close to my heart. If you believe in yourself entirely you will propel yourself into better and better states of mind. And the best part: everyone has this capability! Everyone benefits from this! You see a positive, highly energized person nearby, or on TV and immediately you feel different right? Different in a better, more positive way! Now that's what I'm talking about! Just make sure you allow yourself to feel it when you're around these types of people!


The rough draft of the concept album nearly complete. The real trick with this one is where each song will fit in the overall timeline of the concept album. I will be sending the rough draft to Erik (bassist) this weekend to give him a head start.


Well this one's a no-brainer. If you sign up on my mailing list before 9.25 you not only will receive a free song of mine and be automatically signed up on my monthly/bimonthly (depends how crazy things are) newsletter, but you will be eligible to win a t-shirt of your choice from my Zazzle store! It's pretty damn cool. There are a lot of t-shirts to choose from. For those of you who have already signed up; you are already eligible, so sit back and relax. Don't forget to mark your calendars! I will be picking the winner on 9.25. You will be contacted via email.


You're cool, I'm cool, the world is way cool! 

A lyric section from the song "Anthem" by Rush (lyrics by Neil Peart)

"Live for yourself, there's no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
Only cry out for more..."

Love to everyone,