Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The sounds of Yellowstone to be added to next EP

A 10 - day adventure now in the past; my wife and my trip to Yellowstone National Park was full of wonderful memories and amazing sounds!

No need to explain everything in detail. It is the sounds that I would like to further elaborate upon. From the endless, random splash of the Clepsydra geyser off the Fountian Paint Pot Trail to the tumultuous waters of the hot spring Dragon's Mouth in the Mud Volcano Area, Yellowstone earns its star on the map!

This is where my iPhone's "Voice Memo" app really was of tremendous help! With cupped hands around the iPhone, I was able to block most of the relentless wind allowing play by play action of all thermal action that lay before me (please select links above to listen to the end result!).

My next plan is to seamlessly and selectively sneak some of these captured sounds into the background of a song or two on my next three song EP. Keep your ears and mind open when listening to these three songs when released in March 2010!!!

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