Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In with the new...always

Ok...so the full-length video "In the Studio with Ian Narcisi. The Making of Phone Call to Infinity" still isn't out. I apologize for this. Mid October guaranteed.

I have contacted the "make-it-happen-with-creativity-and-spontaneity-crew" to record a single starting in mid October. I will be sending three or so rough drafts of my new songs to Tim to see which one he feels will work. 96.78888% of the time I agree with his decision and within a month we will have a completed song. I am just as excited as I have been for all the songs I have written in the past! I love this period of time in the creative process!  Just knowing one of my songs will be sanded, polished and presented to the public is very exciting! This one will be a doosy! I'd like to be able to belt it out vocally like "Behind the Dawn" with more of an upbeat tempo. I may write a new song tomorrow just to get what I hear and want in my head. The 16 new songs I have on my hard drive recorder may not cut it. You will find out soon enough!

Such an odd day! Smoke in the air everywhere. When I first smelled the air I thought that there was some sort of chemical leak, or massive toxic fire occurring somewhere nearby. A guy I talked to at lunch thought the same. He shut his windows and doors to his business for fear of such an event. Ultimately it turned out to be a fire alright, but in northern....yeah get this.....MINNESOTA! The friggin' Boundary Waters were ablaze! And since a cold front (one of two) hit today, it brought with it cooler air, northerly winds and smoke from those fires! What was odd was that the smoke didn't smell like forest fire smoke. It smelled like cough syrup. Sweet and nasty. Anyway, yeah, that's what it was. Something that just doesn't happen around here everyday. The sunset, I later heard and expected, was amazing! Smoke in mass quantities always does amazing things to the sunsets! Volcanic events as well. Just the way light refracts off the smoke particles A must see!

Ok...I am nearing tome status here. Must go, watch something about space, astrophysics, meteorology, dendrochronology, or something with "ology" tailing it.....

Until we meet again....


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