Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Behind The Dawn" completed

Song 3 entitled "Behind The Dawn" was waxed and polished on Sunday. I recorded the drums, keys and vocals last on Sunday, November 14th, Erik laid down the bass track Wednesday, November 17th, Dave added his magic guitar playing (electric and acoustic) Thursday, November 18th and Tim and I mixed down and mastered the song Sunday, November 21st (Tim is absolutely amazing at what he does!). Now that all three songs ("Absent Today", "Five Below Nothing", and "Behind The Dawn") are finished, it's time to get this music out to the masses! My goal is to have my 3 song EP (not titled as of yet) released on my web site (www.ianmusic.com), CDBaby and iTunes either the second, or third week in December. I have yet to take the photo that will set the overall theme to this EP and my wife and I need some time to get all the graphics laid out, but, as always, we will get to it.

The HD video will have to wait as my PC (named "Bad Ass") took a dive. My new PC parts arrive Friday and I should have "Bad Ass II" (wow, how original!) built the same day. So, this weekend may be a video editing extravaganza! This would be perfect seeing that Chicago may have its first weekend covered in snow with high's this coming Friday in the 20's (we were in the 60's yesterday with tornadoes nearby!) Welcome to Chicago's winter! I love it! :~)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Saturday, November 6, 2010

New song to be recorded next week!

Just to keep you all informed....

My website was down temporarily for maintenance purposes. All is good now!

I will be in the studio starting next week. I will have song 3 (yet to be titled) completed by the end of this month.

I will be releasing a 3 - song EP (yes, CD and all the fancy photography) mid to late next month. The three individual songs will also be available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Also, I will be previewing my "Five Below Nothing: The Creation Process" HD video late this month on my site.

Lots and lots to do! :~P


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