Monday, April 19, 2010

Music sitch

It has been over two months since I last wrote. I have 14 new songs in the making. Nine songs are ready for drums and vocals. Five songs are a simple melody that will turn into full-blown songs in the weeks and months to come. It's this ninth song that is challenging me big time. I pushed myself to the limit on this one! "Heavy", solo parts at the end (piano). By "heavy" I mean "physically challenging". I have to actually practice my chromatic rises and descending arpeggio's to pull this one off. I know that it will all pay off in the end. Once complete it is on to the next five. I have simple melodies and chordal changes and due to this may jump straight into drums adding the keys later. I really do love writing songs on piano, but sometimes you just gotta get the hell away from it before all the songs start sounding like.....well......piano songs.

Studio time? Not in the plans at this point in time. I was thinking of some live stuff (and still am), but not sure when this will all come about. Another victim of the recession. I got out of that pit a month ago, but you know; these things take time to heal. So, as a result everything has been pushed back. No biggie. I will just keep on writing and recording at home until I can give Tim, Erik and Dave a call and we will begin working on the next album. Life is auspicious................

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