Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FREE SONG ON MY SITE (ianmusic.com)

All you have to do is sign up (upper left corner of my website) to receive bi monthly newsletters in your email and I will send you my latest song "Come of Age (New Sun)". You can opt out of this at any time.


- Ian -

Here's the link to get a free song (http://www.ianmusic.com)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Song available for free!

My latest tune "Come of Age (New Sun)" is available on my site for free! Yeah, you need to sign up on my mailing list (upper left side of my web page)to download it, but no worries there. I only send newsletters once a month if that. Plus you can drop it any time you want (l certainly hope you'll stay :~). As always, this song was a labor of love and features Dave Bowers on guitar, Erik Swanson on bass, and Tim Sandusky as the master sound engineer and co-producer. I play the drums, keyboards and sing. 

If you don't want to sign my mailing list you will be able to buy "Come of Age (New Sun)" on CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, Spotify and many other mp3 stores Monday, November 14th.

More new music on the way. I plan on recording my next song in late January.

- Ian -

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Come of Age (New Sun)" release date

"Come of Age (New Sun)", my latest song, is nearing completion!
As expected, the recording process at Studio Ballistico went smoothly. Erik Swanson (bass), Dave Bowers (guitar), Tim Sandusky (co-producer and sound engineer) and myself (singer/songwriter, drums, keyboards) spent a week crafting this song. "Come of Age (New Sun)" is layered with shifting tempos, intensity and serenity. I really love this one!  Tim is feverishly working his magic mixing and mastering to make this song what it needs to be. I am looking at a release date of November 12th. 
I will give all of you fine listeners a chance to listen and download the song in its entirety for free Friday, November 11th. Simply go to my site (ianmusic.com) and on the home page (main page) simply sign up to my mailing list on the upper left side of the main page. If you would like to opt out from the list later on - feel free! However, I do sent out only monthly newsletters (no saturated email sent to you :~).
"In the Studio with Ian Narcisi. The making of Phone Call to Infinity" (the full version) will be completed during the last week of this month (November 2011). Like the "Sneak Peak" I release back in July 2011, the full version will be released on YouTube as well. Added to "Sneak Peak" will be interviews with Erik Swanson (bass), Dave Bowers (guitar) as well as candid conversations between Tim Sandusky (co-producer and sound engineer) and myself revealing possible future trends my music will take and why I do what I do.
Special thanks to Bob Rice at KYRS "Thin Air Community Radio" for the March 18th, 2012 Crossroads live telephone interview. I can't wait! Stay tuned!
Tonight (Saturday, November 5th, 2011) is a very special night for me! My wife and I will be thoroughly enjoying The Musical Box' rendition of Genesis' 1974 masterpiece "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" at The Vic Theater in downtown Chicago. For one reason or another;  I am not one of those who goes out of my way to see tribute bands very often, however, "The Musical Box" not only covers the music of Genesis precisely, they emulate all costumes, instruments, playing styles of the former members as well as, on occasion, have the actual members of Genesis jump up on stage and play along! Now that is how it is done! Phil Collins, when watching "The Musical Box" in Geneva (2005) commented, "they played it better than we did." And Peter Gabriel took his children to a show so, "they could see what their father used to do." I seriously and pumped for this!
All is good in the world and it's getting better every second!