Monday, November 2, 2009

Next EP is slowly becoming next full - length CD!

Things are really coming together these days! I was planning on having a 3 song EP recorded in January 2010. Much to my surprise, it looks as though I am well on the way to creating a brand new full - length album! Six new songs are currently on the menu three of which came to life in the last two weeks! One of the six songs is over ten minutes in length! Prior to leaving to India for three weeks in December, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more tunes pop out of nowhere.

Recording times for this next full - length (yeah, that's right - I am already calling it a full - length), may have to be pushed back. In the event this occurs I am looking at a possible late spring/early summer release in 2010.

Musician's will once again include Erik Swanson (bass) and Dave Bowers (guitar). Tim Sandusky will, once again, pour his heart and soul into the sound engineering process and co-producing. Tim may even add some more Maui Xaphoon as well! Depending on the circumstances this winter I may consider adding some other musician's as well.

I haven't forgot about the Yellowstone sounds I recorded back in September 2009. I will be adding some of these samples to one or more of my upcoming songs. Keep an ear peeled!