Thursday, December 29, 2011

Full length video: "In the Studio with Ian Narcisi: The Making of Phone Call to Infinity" released!

NEW SINGLE "Come of Age (New Sun)" available:

Released this one a few weeks back. You can listen to a good chunk of my latest single "Come of Age (New Sun)" on iTunes. You can purchase the song on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, Napster, etc...


I will be adding several new podcast interviews to my website in the next few days and will be written up in several blogs over the next month. I will add the blog links to my site as well.


"In the Studio with Ian Narcisi: The Making of Phone Call to Infinity" is COMPLETE!

I finally got around to finishing this one! Don't be fooled by the identical "Sneak Peek" intro. I left it the same to save myself about a months worth of time reediting.

Within the full version video "In the Studio..." are interviews with Dave Bowers (guitar) and Erik Swanson (bass) as well as many other interviews with Tim and myself. 

To witness the magic: go to my main page on my website (, or YouTube. The entire video was shot in HD, so make sure to set your web settings to a 720p (HD) in your YouTube window.



Due to popular demand I have added some new T shirt designs and mug designs to my Zazzle store ("Phone Call to Infinity" and "Come of Age [New Sun]"). "Come of Age (New Sun)" design by none other than my wife.


What is next is blowing my mind! I have 24 new songs - some completed, some not - that will be molded and crafted into a concept album. This is a daunting task to say the least! The concept album will be comprised of both instrumental and non-instrumental songs that I have written/will be writing (I may swap newer songs that I haven't even written yet for some of the older ones). The overall theme will be non-religious, spiritually-based and will really kick some serious ass when completed! 

I will be releasing a few songs during 2012 that will be from the concept album. 

I expect the whole enchilada to be completed some time in early 2013.

I may add a few talents to the mix. Dave and Erik will be the backbone. I will be writing all the lyric/song material, playing all drums parts, key parts and singing all vocals.

I will have to out do myself in 2014 with a quadruple CD concept album (only joking?)

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Happy New Year! 2012 is going to kick my musical ass and I can't wait!