Friday, October 22, 2010

Three song EP to be released mid December

A slight change in plan. My latest song which was completed last week entitled "Five Below Nothing" will not be released until mid December. It will be placed along side my recently released song "Absent Today" and my third song (to be recorded in mid November) and all will be released as one, big, happy EP. My plan is to print 50 EP CD's and have these available for purchase via my site (, CDBaby and iTunes. And, like all the releases preceeding, I will be out, camera and all, finding the perfect shot for the cover. My wife and I will be designing the overall graphical theme for the CD and website. As far as digital downloads are concerned; my goal is to have my EP available digitally by mid to late December from the aforementioned sites.

...and there's plenty more where that came from: I have 15 other songs on the back burner! I have 10 hours of in-the-studio HD video which also includes live interviews with Tim, Erik, Dave and myself (I will be editing all this into a documentary some time in the winter) and I plan on releasing another 3 song EP in May 2011. So stay tuned! Let this music take you where you need to be......

Again now, don't forget: mid to late December = 3 song downloadable/physical CD release!

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