Thursday, September 16, 2010

New single "Absent Today" released!

Song one of three has been released! "Absent Today" is now available for purchase on CDBaby and iTunes. It took Tim (co-producer/sound engineer), Dave (guitarist), and Erik (bass) and I a good 4 days to record, mix and master. I must say am quite proud of this one!! Everyone did such a fantastic job! My drums didn't require any tuning!!! Seriously! I pulled them out of their cases after over a year (kept them in my storage room) and lo and behold - perfectly tuned! Keyboards were a snap considering I didn't even have to lift a finger. I simply recorded them on my Tascam recorder at home and uploaded them to Tim who then added them to the studio tracks!! Gotta love that!!! I really hope you enjoy "Absent Today"!!! Song number 2 will be ready towards the end of October, so keep an ear out!!!! :~)


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