Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The division: Left vs. Right

This is always a challenge for me: How can I balance my left and right sides of my brain? For me logic and creativity work hand in hand. It's almost like my mind needs this balance. I go to work as a network engineer doing logic, logic and .... logic. I come home and when I feel like it I just sit behind the keyboard, or vkit and try some stuff off the top of my head, add to songs in the making, or listen to things I sang into my iPhone and usually something comes thus .... create, create and .... create. I really don't think I could do all of one, or all of the other. The balance for me works and works well!

Now the key is to balance the time between the two!! A whole other topic! :~)

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Adrienne Manson said...

Hi Ian!

This is a great blog. Could you contact me about your interview?

Indie lady A